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Centrally manage all your mobile devices through a single console. It does not matter if you have 2 phones or 200, MaaS360 can support your mobile environment. If your employees are receiving business information on their phones, protecting that information is an important part of the security in your firm.

As law firms become more mobile, private data is being carried around on mobile devices. If the device is stolen or lost, private information may end up in the wrong hands. Adding a mobile management system will add an important layer of defense for keeping your mobile data secure.

The MaaS360 system will simplify the way your firm manages your mobile workers. A 100% cloud-based platform, which will interface to all your mobile devices through one central console, will help your firm follow strong security best practice techniques to keep your client data secure.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM systems are used to provision, monitor, manage, support and secure mobile devices.

Support for mobile devices includes:

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • WebOS
  • Windows Phone

Exchange Active Sync:

Gain control of your Exchange Active sync protocol with MaaS360. With a fast and easy integration to your existing email system, you will have a complete view of all devices that are accessing your firms email system.

Mobile App Management

Create your own enterprise class app catalog. Within the MaaS360 app management system you can insure that your firm's apps are distributed, updated, managed, and removed anyway and anytime your firm decides. This is useful when you are looking to share an app with others that would be used by all employees, such as apps used for document sharing, practice management, and calendaring.

Mobile Document Management

With the rapid growth of tablets more data is actually leaving the office on mobile devices. MaaS360 empowers your users by giving them access to business documents on mobile devices. Your firm will have the flexibility and control of knowing who has documents and when.

Laptop Management

Don't forget to secure your laptops, too! The same system that can manage your smart phones can also manage your laptops. Do everything from a central console, fully supported by the Law to Cloud support team.


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