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You've had your law firm for some time now, and you have all sorts of files and folders on your computer. Along with all that data, you have your emails. Now think about this: What would you think if you went to turn on your computer and you were met with the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)? Panic? No, there is no need!

Law to Cloud is proud to partner with some of the best companies offering cloud services. One of the finest cloud-based backup systems we've come across is Carbonite. Carbonite takes the worry out of backup – by securely and automatically backing up your files to one of their state-of-the-art data centers, where they become your Carbonite Personal Cloud.

Carbonite online computer backup is perfect for the small law firm that only has a few computers. Never again lose your client's – or your – data again.

  • Set it. Forget it. And relax.

    Just install Carbonite and it starts backing up your files – automatically and in the background.

  • Don't lose it. Choose it!

    Carbonite guides you step by step &ndsah; and restores your backed up files to the right place on your hard drive.

  • Access your files anytime, anywhere.

    Access backed up files from any web browser &ndsah; or from your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry smartphone.

  • NEW! 3 plans. All unlitmited.

    From backing up just your files to creating a mirror image of your entire hard drive, Carbonite has a backup plan that's right for you.

Backup is Critical – Don't Wait!

Bad things happen to computers constantly: Laptops lost/stolen, files/folders lost, hard drives crash, viruses/malicious software, user accidents...

Peace of mind does not have to set you back.

Backup for personal computers (home and home office) is only $59/yr, and Small Businesses (3+ computers) is only $229/yr.

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