Top Reasons Lawyers Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing allows lawyers to focus on practicing law, and less focus on the technology needs of the firm. With law cloud computing you can access your law firm data conveniently and securely anytime and anywhere.

Cloud computing is no longer a mystery. Today, small and medium law firms recognize the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing can help firms focus on their basic business. They do not have to invest in software. The service provider takes care of their IT system, which is updated automatically by the software companies.

First and most important question is the security of data on the cloud. Cloud computing is a more secure environment then desktop applications, surroundings with papers and in-office server. Once you sign up for cloud computing via any service provider, you should keep in mind that your data is stored with the industries top security standards.

What you need to do to ensure your information? – Data encryption (Open ID, Token Authentication and two-factor authentication). In many cases, cloud computing can provide better security than other programs and applications in law firms.

Increased Mobility
One of the main advantages of cloud computing is instant mobility. You can work with your documents and information’s wherever you are. Location is not important anymore. You can access and use your information’s on any location without having to install hardware and software on any system that you use. The use of mobile lightweight devices continues to grow in the legal field. Mobility gives attorneys the option to perform day to day tasks such as email, case management, and file access in or out of the office.

Speed Up Communication & Flexibility
Your data is ready to be accessed at anytime. With the increase of Internet speeds, large amounts of data can now travel across the world in just a few seconds. This gives lawyers the flexibility to work with others across the Internet using their own private version of cloud computing. You can see these types of services offered from most of the major practice management cloud systems. The systems come with customer portals that can be used to communicate with other is a safe and fast way. No more having to leave messages on the phone, or even worse, no more sending an email that is not encrypted and can be intercepted by hackers. These systems are secured and designed to make your communication easier and safer than ever before.

Reduces Operating Costs
With cloud computing, you no longer are required to go out and purchase software (what a hassle that was) or servers that were high cost. Not to mention the cost of maintaining the systems. Lawyers can use secure virtual data rooms and communicate with other uses, create digital record books, manage online due diligence, secure client access to important files, exchange closing drafts and share litigation documents. Instead of worrying about infrastructures, storage, maintenance, etc., you can focus more on the profit of your business and better serve your clients. Cloud computing for lawyers stores your data on secure servers across the globe. All done at a fraction of the operating cost it would be with the traditional approach.

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