Top 3 Reasons Law Firms Should Consider Legal Document Automation

Anytime a law firm can increase productivity within their staff, it also frees up time that they can work on other more important projects. Let’s take a look into the world of document automation and see for yourself what the top 3 reasons are for why busy law firms can benefit from using it.

Document automation is not a hard concept to understand. What it breaks down into is creating legal documents and using cloud-based software and applications to automatically fill out forms — quickly and easily! Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you, as a lawyer, can enjoy:

1. Time Saver

As I alluded to earlier, legal document automation is a great way to provide your staff with extra time so they can work on other activities. Get rid of the old manual methods of exerting hours and hours of using search and replace methods. Instead, answer some questions, and voilĂ , watch your form get completed with ease.

2. Improved Quality

After you format your template to the way you want it, that’s it. You don’t have to change it. No longer do you have to stress over the possibilities that there may be misspellings, typos, inconsistencies with formatting and more. Not only that, verb tenses, gender references, dates/numbers, field calculations and more are updated automatically throughout the document after the information is entered.

3. System Integration

Many document automation systems coordinate with your existing databases, including practice management systems and document management systems. The Law to Cloud experts have picked out two such examples that we wish to bring to your attention:

  • MyCase – Document automation becomes a cinch with a three-prong approach. Starting with the creation of a draft. MyCase Draft is a web-based word processor that gives you the power of creating legal templates right in MyCase – even from an iPad.

    You can also create legal templates within Microsoft Word, upload them to MyCase and then merge them with your existing data that you have housed within MyCase.

    But wait! Do you have your own customized fields that you wish to incorporate? No problem. The versatility of this cloud-based social practice management® gives you the ability to create your own custom fields.

  • Clio – Clio is another practice management application that is based in the cloud and that allows you the flexibility to consider legal document automation. Streamline your firm so that you can save time, increase productivity and improve your service to your clients.

    There are so many standard documents, or templates that you need to have hands-on every day, and even multiple times a day. You know the ones I mean – retainer agreements, collection notices, and employment contracts. Each one of these documents has common fields that you can probably use a “find and replace” feature in Word to change the client name, address, etc. Well now, there is an easier way. Clio has a document automation feature that you can use tags for those fields that you did a “find and replace” for. Upload the document to Clio and don’t email it to the client. That’s right. Instead of emailing, share the document via Clio Connect.

There are lots of reasons that a law firm should consider legal document automation. The time has come when do-it-yourself legal services are beginning to steal clients away from the entrepreneurial law firms that are trying to make a living. That means that using cloud-based methods to save time, remain competitive and provide satisfaction in knowing that you are doing everything you can for your clients is going to give you and your legal staff the edge you need to succeed.

Law to Cloud has the best of the best in legal applications that are wholly based in the cloud. Why not contact us so we can sit down together and discuss options that will make your law office run smoothly and efficiently.

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