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Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? 6 Ways to Tell

The big trend now is for small businesses to move more and more of their operations to the cloud. I love the world of “cloud computing.” I love how I can use a browser and have all of my data–anywhere I can get to a browser. I also like how through my mobile phone, I [...]

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Managed Services – A General Guide to Managed Services for Business Owners

Every business needs to use managed services, according to business experts. However, many small and medium-size business owners are not well familiar with these. Learn more about these services, the different types available and how they can be of use to your company.

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Protect Your Documents and Your Piece of Mind

We’ve all suffered through the pain of having our computer crash and losing all our files, especially if we don’t have a backup or a hard copy. For a law firm, no matter how big or small, this could mean substantial loss – years of work down the drain. Luckily in today’s world, there is [...]

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Top 5 Things the Cloud is Not

It’s clear that the technology industry is moving from the PC era to the cloud era in several significant ways. While cloud represents a new way for IT to deliver — and end users to consume — IT applications and services, this transition also represents a significant change in how applications, services and systems are [...]

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Benefits of Having Cloud-based Chatter in Your Law Firm

Here at Law to Cloud we’ve uncovered the ultimate in an enterprise collaboration application and social development platform called Chatter. You’ve heard of Internet messaging applications, haven’t you? Well, what if you could have a cloud-based Chatter in your law firm?

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4 Ways to Stop Social Media Abuse at the Law Office

It seems like the social media giant Facebook is the talk of the town — and law offices. It’s not unusual for paralegals and attorneys to have Facebook on their smartphones and use the mobile app frequently, but here at Law to Cloud we have 4 ways to stop social media abuse at the law [...]

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Even Small Law Firms Should Have a Web Marketing Strategy

It used to be that a detailed multimedia advertising campaign was something that only the big law firms could pull off. Essentially, if a law firm’s building took up an entire city block, then they were usually able to pour more money into their advertising than the average solo practice would make in even five [...]

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Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Lawyers and other legal professionals constitute one of the largest groups of users of the social networking platform LinkedIn. You might use LinkedIn on a regular basis, or you might vaguely remember that you signed up in response to an invitation from a client, colleague, or friend. Either way, there’s no question that all lawyers [...]

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SEO Changes Attorneys Should Know

In the following newsletter published by the Law to Cloud SEO team, we talk about some changes to SEO best practices that have come up in the last few weeks. The following topics are covered: Why Rich Snippets are must for every website? Why it might be required to hide the address on your Google [...]

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