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Client Secrets at Risk as Hackers Target Law Firms

Think knowing how to draft a contract, file a motion on time and keep your mouth shut fulfills your lawyerly obligations of competence and confidentiality? Not these days. Cyberattacks against law firms are on the rise, and that means attorneys who want to protect their clients’ secrets are having to reboot their skills for the [...]

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4 Ways to Stop Social Media Abuse at the Law Office

It seems like the social media giant Facebook is the talk of the town — and law offices. It’s not unusual for paralegals and attorneys to have Facebook on their smartphones and use the mobile app frequently, but here at Law to Cloud we have 4 ways to stop social media abuse at the law [...]

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Email Encryption: What it is and why you need it

Ask many attorneys today if they use email encryption and the reply just might be, “Why do law firms need to practice email encryption?” or “What is email encryption?”

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