Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? 6 Ways to Tell

The big trend now is for small businesses to move more and more of their operations to the cloud. I love the world of “cloud computing.” I love how I can use a browser and have all of my data–anywhere I can get to a browser. I also like how through my mobile phone, I [...]

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Top 5 Things the Cloud is Not

It’s clear that the technology industry is moving from the PC era to the cloud era in several significant ways. While cloud represents a new way for IT to deliver — and end users to consume — IT applications and services, this transition also represents a significant change in how applications, services and systems are [...]

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MyCase announces new Draft Application

The MyCase team has released Draft, an internal word processor and document generation tool that allows users to create and edit documents from within MyCase; you can open a blank page in MyCase and start typing a document from scratch. Or, auto-generate documents based on templates and merge fields that you create.

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MS Office 365 vs Google Apps

Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business Google Apps for Business 30 Day FREE Trial 30 Day FREE Trial Email & Calendar Email & Calendar Office Web Apps Simultaneous editing for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files * Websites & Collaboration Websites & Collaboration IM & Online Meetings IM 99.9% Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Work from [...]

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Cloud decisions are not easy

Great news! You have decided to move some or all of your IT needs to the cloud. Next is deciding on the applications to use and the company you trust to support your business. How will you make this decision? Who’s helping you decide what cloud systems you need? In most cases I found that [...]


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What is Cloud Computing?

Since HitHoo has been promoting cloud services and cloud support we have received multiple inquiries on our website. Surprisingly the top question is “What is Cloud Computing?” To kick off our blog I would like to describe what cloud computing means to us and the legal professionals we support. Asking what the cloud is will [...]


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