LawRD Practice Management – Is This Law Practice Management Tool a Good Choice?

LawRD practice management is a tool for managing legal practices of different sizes. It falls in the category of software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The tool has a wide range of features for managing contacts, billing and other aspects of the work. These are accessible online. Your data is stored securely and at the same time it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

What are the main features of the LawRD practice management software?

Timesheet is the section of the software devoted to time management. You can organize and schedule the work of all professionals working in your firm and keep track of it. This feature is simple to use allowing you to make modifications easily and quickly. It is invaluable for billing based on the amount of work done on a case.

The matter management section of the software is designed to help you with allocating different tasks to the employees of the law firm. It can be used by each individual worker for organizing and keeping track of their tasks. This is a very flexible and practical solution.

The Contacts section of the LawRD practice management software allows you to keep complete information on all of your clients. You can enter all matters that you work on for each client. Individual account management is another useful feature of the section.

The Billing feature allows you to use detailed information on the work done to create more thorough billing sheets. In general, the billing work is greatly simplified with this feature.

The Reports feature of the LawRD practice management software is designed to help you bring all valuable information and data together so that you can create detailed reports. By using reliable data on the different kinds of variable affecting the performance of your legal practice, you will be able to take more efficient management decision.

How effective and reliable is this law practice management solution?

The service software has been around for quite some time and many law firms have found that it has improved their productive efficiency. It has several advantages over its competitors including very user-friendly interface, a wide range of settings that can be easily adjusted for the customization of the different features and reliable customer support available directly.

The safety of the solution has been ranked as high. The data that you store online is completely secure. The developers use Amazon servers for data storing. Only you and authorized employees can access the tool.

Overall, the LawRD practice management software is worth using in your legal practice.

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