LawRD adds a new feature: Tenths of an Hour

LawRD has just implemented a new feature into their product: the tenths of an hour.

With this new feature, LawRD users will be able to input time and invoice clients using this time measure.

If you are already a LawRD user and you want to work with this tenths of an hour, please follow these steps:

NOTE: Only users with an Administrator profile can perform the first step.

  • Activate the 10th of an hour feature in your LawRD account settings. After clicking in Settings, check the following check box:

    After enabling this option, all the users will see timesheets according to the tenths of an hour time measure (they must sign out to see the changes).
  • All new clients created after the previous change will be automatically billed with the tenths of an hour system.
  • All the clients created before these features’ implementation will be billed by the 00H00m system. You must activate the Use tenth of an hour check box in every client if you only want to work in this system:
  • You can work with both system at the same time. You can uncheck Use tenth of an hour in the client record and this client’s billing sheets will be issued in the 00H00m format (although time input will still be in tenths of an hour).

Source: LawRD Blog

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