MS Office 365 vs Google Apps

Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business Google Apps for Business
30 Day FREE Trial 30 Day FREE Trial
Email & Calendar Email & Calendar
Office Web Apps Simultaneous editing for Word, PowerPoint and Excel files *
Websites & Collaboration Websites & Collaboration
IM & Online Meetings IM
99.9% Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Work from virtually anywhere** Works well on any device or OS

                *       Requires Google Cloud Connect plugin
                **     If you have Windows-based PCs or mobiles

For law firms or small businesses that are migrating to the cloud, they are often faced with the decision on whether to incorporate cloud-based Microsoft 365 for Small Business or Google Apps for Business. The Law to Cloud support experts are now revealing their comparison of the two cloud-based systems.

While the two products are often mentioned in the same breath, they are vastly different products. Office 365 is intended to be used with a local installed version of Microsoft Office, and the recommended version is 2010. As you can see from the above listing, Microsoft 365 for Professionals and Small Business has hosted email, calendars, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as SharePoint and Lync.

So what does Google Apps for Business have? Well, let’s see – it’s a complete cloud-based application that will allow law firms and small businesses to work on ANY device or ANY Operating System (OS). Microsoft 365 can’t make that claim as Office 365 is optimized for Windows-based PCs and devices. In addition, Google Apps for Business includes hosted e-mail, calendars, a word processor, presentations, drawings, a Website and video storage.

Both cloud computing companies make the same claim as to up time with three nines or 99.9% uptime, so there’s no difference there. There does appear to be a difference in the level of support you receive. Both offer a Web dashboard so that users can check the status of outages. However, Microsoft’s Office 365 dashboard is not public. It’s only available to those who are registered as an Office 365 administrator. In contrast, the dashboard for Google Apps for Business is totally public. Phone support is a different matter, as with Google Apps for Business phone support is usually only available to those that have a premium membership.

Our final comparison we will look at in the Microsoft 365/Google Apps for Business comparison is price. Keep in mind that this is only effective at the time of this writing. Please go to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for the most up-to-date plan.






The Law to Cloud support experts wants you to know that whichever cloud-based application you decide on for your law firm or small business, Law to Cloud application management is our specialty. If you’re thinking about transferring your information technology to the cloud or are in need of support with cloud management, contact us today.

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