Managed Services – A General Guide to Managed Services for Business Owners

Every business needs to use managed services, according to business experts. However, many small and medium-size business owners are not well familiar with these. Learn more about these services, the different types available and how they can be of use to your company.

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Why should an attorney have a mobile website?

Is there a reason why an attorney should have a mobile website? Yes, there is! Walk down the street or into a building and what do you see? Usually someone on a mobile phone conducting personal conversations or business transactions. If you aren’t aware of it yet, a smart phone presents a tremendous opportunity for [...]

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Avoid the Document Mosh Pit

The concept of scanning all paper documents and storing them electronically is admirable. But the goal of paperless efficiency can be elusive. Before you jump into the paperless realm there are few important factors to consider.

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Apple pre-announces launch of iPad 3/iOS 5

Excitement abounded when Apple announced they were going to unveil their new iPad 3 (or iPad HD as it might be called) and Apple TV. The unveiling was scheduled to occur during a media event in San Francisco just recently. But first, they took all attendees by surprise with the announcement of a new update [...]

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