Apple pre-announces launch of iPad 3/iOS 5

Excitement abounded when Apple announced they were going to unveil their new iPad 3 (or iPad HD as it might be called) and Apple TV. The unveiling was scheduled to occur during a media event in San Francisco just recently. But first, they took all attendees by surprise with the announcement of a new update to iOS 5 – the iOS 5.1.

We would like to point out that the new update is mostly comprised of bug fixes and interface tweaks. However, we did uncover five main areas that are highlighted in the documentation for the new update.

Japanese Siri

Apple CEO Tim Cook directly referred to this when he was onstage at the event. Siri, the voice assistant that is exclusive to the iPhone 4S – can now understand and respond and talk back in Japanese! Even though Siri is quite formal in her speaking, she is becoming quite the versatile voice assistant with her ability to now speak in four languages – Japanese, English (American, British AND Australian), French and German.

Photo Stream

Photo Stream first appeared on the Apple scene with the inception of iCloud. Even though there were issues with users not being able delete a photo once it had been uploaded to the feature, that has now been resolved with the new iOS 5.1.

Camera Shot

As I’m sure many iPhone users will agree, iOS 5 tends to get a little frustrating when you get ready to take a snapshot of something with your camera because you first had to unlock the keyboard. Now say you’re a pet or bird lover, your candidate for that perfect shot could have moved off. You’ll be happy to find out that this annoyance has been fixed with the new iOS 5.1 update. A shortcut has been implemented that the lock/unlock is more prominently visible to take advantage of it in the blink of an eye.

Face Detection

The latest update for the iPhone 4S, the camera app now will sharpen all faces that it discovers when you’re trying to take that winning photo. While it’s not 100 percent guaranteed to detect the face all the time — even when squarely in the frame – you’ll now be able to see that green box over the person’s face.

Battery Life

One of the most important bug fixes that has been addressed is the fix for occasional dropped calls and inadequate battery life. Apple is confident that these issues have been much improved. Only time will tell whether or not they have really been fixed.

While the above features are not an exhaustive list of everything that is included in the new iOS 5.1 update, it certainly sounds as though many of the features that iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users have been looking for have been implemented. The Law to Cloud mobile applications team will let you know if we hear any new updates to the contrary.

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