June, 2012

Top 5 Things the Cloud is Not

It’s clear that the technology industry is moving from the PC era to the cloud era in several significant ways. While cloud represents a new way for IT to deliver — and end users to consume — IT applications and services, this transition also represents a significant change in how applications, services and systems are [...]

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Benefits of Having Cloud-based Chatter in Your Law Firm

Here at Law to Cloud we’ve uncovered the ultimate in an enterprise collaboration application and social development platform called Chatter. You’ve heard of Internet messaging applications, haven’t you? Well, what if you could have a cloud-based Chatter in your law firm?

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Legal Project Management vs. Process Improvement – Which Drives BFC?

Legal Project Management (LPM) can now officially be crowned the buzz-phrase of 2012. Although not many firms have fully integrated LPM in to their practices, the need for embracing it is a foregone conclusion. Being faced with this challenge has caused me to put many brain cells on the how and why of LPM and [...]

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4 Ways to Stop Social Media Abuse at the Law Office

It seems like the social media giant Facebook is the talk of the town — and law offices. It’s not unusual for paralegals and attorneys to have Facebook on their smartphones and use the mobile app frequently, but here at Law to Cloud we have 4 ways to stop social media abuse at the law [...]

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