April, 2012

Mobile Phone Security Basics for Lawyers

If you use a mobile phone as part of your law practice, you need to be concerned about what could happen if someone steals it or you otherwise lose it.

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How Local Search Marketing Can Benefit Attorneys

Attorneys are in a competitive industry. Besides that, lawyers have many niches that are specific to the legal industry. Even though a law office many not rank in the top ten in Google, they can still operate their practice – but local SEO marketing can benefit attorneys – big time.

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SEO Changes Attorneys Should Know

In the following newsletter published by the Law to Cloud SEO team, we talk about some changes to SEO best practices that have come up in the last few weeks. The following topics are covered: Why Rich Snippets are must for every website? Why it might be required to hide the address on your Google [...]

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Invoice Management System for Attorneys

It’s been estimated that roughly 26 percent of all lawyers are self-employed. Depending on their specialization and position within their law practice, the more vital it becomes to have an effective invoice management system.

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How to Make the Best Use of Clio in a Law Office Environment

As a small law office, you know the trials and tribulations of managing projects and clients on a daily basis. Is there a practice management software that is totally cloud-based that will help you with that management? Read on as we weigh in on how to make the best use of Clio in a law [...]

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MyCase New Feature – Document Automation with MS Word

Today, MyCase announced the release of the second portion of their new document assembly features. You can now create templates in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and have them available for merging in MyCase. Should you have documents that require extensive formatting or are pre-existing, this feature will allow you to simply create the templates [...]

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Precisely what Good Email Encryption Software Is Capable Of Doing For You

Protected communications is a issue by essentially the most everyday individual to the top officials of businesses, organizations, along with governments. The digital age is no less distinct. Accessibility towards a man or woman’s email can provide the suitable individuals many advantages. Nevertheless, only a few work with email encryption software to make their communications [...]

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