Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? 6 Ways to Tell

The big trend now is for small businesses to move more and more of their operations to the cloud.

I love the world of “cloud computing.” I love how I can use a browser and have all of my data–anywhere I can get to a browser. I also like how through my mobile phone, I can access a variety of online tools and have almost the same power and flexibility as I would have on a desktop computer. Way cool and productive. Continue Reading

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Cloud Support – Features and Quality of Cloud Support

Cloud support is readily available to those having their own cloud. Anyone can purchase the infrastructure necessary for having their own software as a service platform. Along with it, comes the support from the providers of server space. It is worth looking into it in greater detail so that you can have a better of understanding of what is on offer. Continue Reading

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Attorneys Who Use Skype May Just Ditch Gmail for

With Microsoft’s new, attorneys with multiple social-media accounts may find that Gmail has finally met its match.

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft has launched a “preview” of its new cloud-based email service, touting built-in connections to social media and more convenient ways to stay productive, the website SlashGear reports. Continue Reading

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Managed Services – A General Guide to Managed Services for Business Owners

Every business needs to use managed services, according to business experts. However, many small and medium-size business owners are not well familiar with these. Learn more about these services, the different types available and how they can be of use to your company. Continue Reading

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Cloud Applications for Legal Professionals – Factors Legal Practice Managers Should Consider

The range of available cloud applications for legal professionals is growing. Now managers of legal practices can choose from various solutions in the form of software as a service and platform as a service. Despite the grand entry of this new technology into the legal world, many professionals do not have a precise idea about the capabilities of these tools and the benefits and drawbacks their use may have. Continue Reading

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From Biglaw to Boutique: Stay Hungry, Not Desperate

I’ve heard that a hungry dog hunts best. I don’t know if that’s actually true because my pugs were always hungry, and yet they could not have caught a three-legged turtle. But the saying makes sense, and I do know that staying hungry — but not desperate — is an important concept for law firms. Continue Reading

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LawRD Practice Management – Is This Law Practice Management Tool a Good Choice?

LawRD practice management is a tool for managing legal practices of different sizes. It falls in the category of software as a service (SaaS) solutions. The tool has a wide range of features for managing contacts, billing and other aspects of the work. These are accessible online. Your data is stored securely and at the same time it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Continue Reading

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Top Reasons Lawyers Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing allows lawyers to focus on practicing law, and less focus on the technology needs of the firm. With law cloud computing you can access your law firm data conveniently and securely anytime and anywhere.

Cloud computing is no longer a mystery. Today, small and medium law firms recognize the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing can help firms focus on their basic business. They do not have to invest in software. The service provider takes care of their IT system, which is updated automatically by the software companies. Continue Reading

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Top 3 Reasons Law Firms Should Consider Legal Document Automation

Anytime a law firm can increase productivity within their staff, it also frees up time that they can work on other more important projects. Let’s take a look into the world of document automation and see for yourself what the top 3 reasons are for why busy law firms can benefit from using it. Continue Reading

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Protect Your Documents and Your Piece of Mind

We’ve all suffered through the pain of having our computer crash and losing all our files, especially if we don’t have a backup or a hard copy. For a law firm, no matter how big or small, this could mean substantial loss – years of work down the drain. Luckily in today’s world, there is a way to prevent that. Continue Reading

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